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I am a natural psychic empath and have been practising for 6 - 10 years so I have many years of experience. I can tune in a look at emotional insight and empathy, general readings and priorities in ones life but I mainly deal with love and relationship areas. My favourite tool to use is my tarot cards. Once the cards are laid out, I aim to pick things up through my senses and I will also use the sound of the customer’s voice to pick up what is going on around that person at the time. I also use my guides for reassurance and my pendulum. I am a direct, honest and straightforward working psychic and I like to think that my enthusiastic and jolly personality often makes my client feel uplifted and happy if or when they are feeling down. I enjoy everything about my work and feel a great sense of achievement when my client leaves the telephone happy and positive. I also like to send spiritual healing to a client sometimes if they need it. I first noticed my psychic abilities going back to Germany in 1967. The reading I did was for a gentleman who apparently was very hard to read. In my spare time, I love going for long walks, I enjoy reading and my favourite inspirational quote is “Never regret what you have done, because at the time it is what you wanted to do, the only way is forward”, well, I had sadly lost a loved one and decided to go to a circle to do meditation, the outcome, through concentration was going back to 1967 in Germany at a hospital, the reading was actually for the gentleman sat next to me! Apparently nobody could ever read this person, but spirit wanted me to do it and he was shocked, as I mentioned everything in great detail. Going for long walks, I enjoy reading and visiting Haunted houses, which I travel to by train usually. Never regret what you have done, because at the time it is what you wanted to do, the only way is forward. I could ramble on for hours, but no that is it for now, many thanks and Blessings. Mia.x

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