About Zodiac

 Hello. My name is Zodiac and I am an intuitive natural psychic and an empath. I am deeply passionate about the psychic world. I can give you a unique, male perspective in my readings. I am patient, sympathetic and have a great understanding of what you may need to know today.
 I enjoy guiding people through life’s obstacles. Every person is different. Most people approach me for a reading about their relationships, so this is my main area of focus, however I can also look at career and work, give general readings and much more.
 I can work hands-free with no tools, or use my trusted tarot cards, crystal ball and/or pendulum for additional insight if needed, I also have experience with animal communication and dream analyses should you require these gifts.
 I have been reading professionally now for several years, however I have had psychic experiences since I was young and the pure gift of psychic ability runs in my family. This in turn encouraged me to be drawn to the cards, and that is juts the start of my story.
 One memorable reading I has when I was doing a reading for for a woman in a pub garden. Just as I picked up about her late husband smoking cigars, we both of us smelt cigar smoke! We turned round to realise a man behind us was smoking cigars. Spirit certainly as surprises to show us things at times!
 In my spare time I enjoy cooking, exercising, studying and learning new things.
 Thank you for reading my profile. If you are looking for a patient, sympathetic and uplifting reader, then please pick me today. I will give you the insight and guidance you are seeking to my best ability.

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