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Hello there, and welcome. I am Alan. There was never a one-off defining moment when I realised that I was psychic. I come from a long line of Romany gypsies who have always practiced fortune-telling.

Many years ago, my nan, who sadly passed away when I was just a boy, used to read the tea leaves for friends & family. She also used to connect with spirit and work hands-free.

During your psychic reading with me, I may also call on one of my Guides. I connect through my psychic senses. This is mainly through through using my gift of clairsentience or Psychic Feeling. I do this by perceiving information and “feeling” various energies, which can sometimes take me into a state of trance (even if it is for a few moments, it can feel like forever- a moment frozen in time). During this moment, I am transported elsewhere – be that into your past, present or future. I can then quickly interpret feelings of emotion and relay the key messages I receive about a person, place or situation that the Universe feels you need to know.

I can work hands-free or with tools. I tend to use my tools as a visual aid for my clients, but sometimes I use them to help connect to clients who live long-distance too. The tools can help me build up a vibration and energy which in turn helps me connect with them through the heart chakra..

I don’t have a favourite tool, instead, I believe they all serve an important purpose during psychic readings I have various decks of tarot cards include his Relationship Cards, Career Cards and Wisdom Cards. I also have a Labradorite Crystal Ball which can give me clear insight on many matters. I could also use my Ogham Staves, which are an ancient Celtic prophesying tool which I really enjoy using.

I don't have a common approach when it comes to reading for first-time clients as I feel every individual who comes to me is unique. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another”, However, I treat each client with compassion, understanding, empathy and love

I want my clients to feel at ease but my direct and authoritative manner will only be for those who come to me open-minded. A good psychic will only tell the truth and not just what you want to hear! This is very much my conviction. When it comes to having a psychic reading, the client really needs to think about the questions they are asking and whether they really want to know the answers to them. Hearing what we think is the truth, unfortunately, can be a harsh reality for the client

In my spare time, I meditate daily, hone my skills with crystals, enjoy road trips on my bicycle and long walks in the countryside, forests and of course, by the sea! I attend spiritual art workshops and my favourite music varies from Rock to Folk, Inspirational to Classical.
I have recently been studying Hopi Ear Candling and Head Massage Therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Numerology and Astrology.

If you want a really honest psychic reading, with truly spiritual insight, then please do connect with me today. It would be my pleasure and an honour to read for you.

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