About Anistra

 Anistra is one of our foremost sought-after psychics here at Psychic Pages. She is a compassionate, yet powerful natural psychic and Astrologer, with 50 years experience of giving psychic readings. She is great to consult with in any situations of negativity and where the way forwards is unsure or unclear. Anistra will, without mincing words, tell you what is what and give you great guidance to have you surging forwards!
 A top UK clairvoyant, Anistra is also a 5th generation psychic, She uses her natural gifts of clairvoyance and multiple other skills as are needed in your reading. She is usually able to tune into your energy and the energy of your situation quickly. And she will tell you what you need to know at this time, to help you break free of any shackles that may be holding you back and to see the future positively once again.
 One of our most trusted psychics, Anistra is particularly strong when it comes to love and relationship readings. Also, when you need direction on your destiny and life path. Career and work readings are also a forte, particularly where decisions needs to be made. Getting rid of negativity is another area where Anistra can guide you.
 Anistra has recognised her psychic gifts since childhood and tells us "I was born in Tibet. I was able to recite poems I had never heard of describe the pictures inside my books even before the book was opened and talk to people about incidents in their lives and their loss even though I had never met them before. I was just 4 years old then."
 Since those early beginnings, she has dedicated her life to spiritual learning and to guiding others. 
 Astrology is also important to Anistra and she can use this where needed to look at personality, compatibility and more. She is also a Reiki and spiritual healer and uses crystals to increase energy in a number of different ways.
 She tells us "I like attracting harmonious astral vibrations so you can get the best out of life, to be happy on a journey leading to a greater understanding in order to "know thyself`' and to make the most of your own life and talents. To try to identify goals and try to achieve them. There is always hope for new beginnings."
 For a truly amazing and insightful reading, with straight forward guidance that will really resonate with you, try a reading with this Top British Psychic today!

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