About Annie

Annie is an inspirational, empathetic and caring psychic with many, many years worth of experience and with multiple skills. Annie is a sincerely kind and warm person, yet she is also extremely down to earth. Her energetic and positive manner helps her to build a great rapport with her clients. She always aims to be sure to leave each of her clients feeling positive, uplifted, and with a smile on their face.

Annie likes to relax her callers to tune into their energy. If she feels they are particularly nervous, she may ask them to take several deep breaths, Her calming influence usually helps her clients to feel gently reassured before, during and after her readings.

As a gifted psychic, Annie has a vast amount of experience and has been a practising psychic for over 25 years. She has many psychic gifts, giving her a very wide range of skills and is very adaptable to her client’s needs. As well as having Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and clairsentient senses, Annie can also look offer Dream Analysis, Spiritual Healing and Psychic Development, to name but a few skills.

To assist Annie in giving you the best readings, she uses a variety of tools. These include the Tarot, Crystals, Runes, the Pendulum and Astrology. Her favourite among these are the Tarot cards and she has her favourite deck that she has used for over 15 years, She uses these trusted Tarot cards daily and tells us that that she sees something different every time she uses them.

Annie realised that she had been given a special blessing at a very early age in her childhood. She feels as though the purpose of her life has been and still is to guide others. She does this by passing on messages and feels very humble that she is able to do this in such a positive and upbeat way.

A dedicated vegetarian for 30 years, during her spare time Annie also loves to experiment! Different recipes are her thing, and she says that variety is the spice of life! She also loves live music and always supports her local bands whenever possible. But her happiest and most rewarding moments are always with her loved ones, Annie loves to laugh and have fun.
One of Annie’s favourite and inspirational quotes in “Dare to be different and never be afraid to shine!”

Speak with Annie today for a truly inspirational and positive reading. She really is a breath of fresh air, and can makes you feel good, even when life's decisions are difficult. She always aims to give you great clarity, so that you will really begin to see clearly and feel renewed on your life path. Great readings, insight and guidance are all there for you with Annie.

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