About Cara

I am a compassionate empath with 25 years’ experience, and I have a strong insight into relationship & career. I'm here to listen sympathetically to your feelings & tune in to the questions that you have. I can bring insight and guidance into any issues that are weighing heavily on your mind and together we will reach a deeper understanding of the subtle energy that surrounds the problem. Together we will reveal the choices available to you that might invoke positive energy to flow once more. I draw upon my natural psychic senses as well as my own rich patchwork of life experiences. I am particularly strong on emotional relationship questions and people also tell me I am particularly insightful into career choice decisions. I receive insight naturally as a sense of tingling channelled energy, but I find using tarot cards also helps to interpret my natural insight. Tarot helps me to form a deeper insight into the context of questions that my client might raise during the reading, and helps me to access more subtle nuances. I also use a beautiful set of unique hand-crafted glass stones that I use for guidance and to focus the energy that is channelling through me to access deeper insights. I also occasionally use angel and oracle cards, and I also have a crystal ball and pendulum. I have now also trained & achieved ‘Certified Moonologer’ accreditation from Yasmin Boland’s personal training course. My style of Moonology reading combines some of your natal astrology with the natural phases of the Moon. This is to see which area of your life will be activated by the powerful energy of the Moon cycles. Knowing this will help you work with the natural flow of waxing & waning Moon energy to let go & forgive negative situations and to visualise your dreams & set your intention to bring your dreams into reality. My Moonology reading is a slightly longer reading but if time is limited, I can also offer a more general quick Moonology message for you. The best part of this job is bringing peace of mind and making a difference to someone's happiness. I enjoy art & craft, being close to my animals and living by the beach. One of my favourite inspirational quotes is "Do whatever it takes". I look forward to hearing from you.

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