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Hi there, this is Caroline Suzanne. I am a caring, compassionate and very understanding natural Psychic-Medium. I have been working professionally for over 10 years, however I started giving readings when I was 19 years old.

I have also been aware of and spoken with Spirit all my life. I have innate clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient senses, Additionally, I work with my guide who shows me different scenarios of what is going on around the energies of the person or persons being asked about. This is how I get you the answers to your questions.

I do not need to use tools when giving readings, However, I do have them around me if my caller would like me to use them, I am very comfortable and capable using Tarot cards, Oracle cards and Angel cards. I also tune in using my moonstone, which has been with me for the past 33 years. When I am doing a phone reading, I feel it helps me tune in and understand the messages that my guide is showing to me. I also use my crystal ball in a similar way, as well as using a pendulum where needed,

My three major strengths in areas of reading are giving insight on love and relationships, for family guidance, and matters concerning pets and other animals,

I am a very caring person and never judge anyone, I have lead a very colorful life and am very open-minded, My aim is always to help guide you onto a positive path ahead, I, I love my work and I truly love speaking to people, I like my readings to be friendly and very relaxed ,so the energy flows easier for us both, That does not mean that I like to waste time, I don't! I do believe if you are drawn to a psychic then they are the one for you,

When you first connect with me, the first thing I will do is introduce myself to you, I will then ensure that you are comfortable, as I understand that a lot of first time callers will be nervous. I will then ask what you would like me to look into, and begin your reading.

My Guide shows me details by transmitting signs and transferring feelings to me during each reading. When you ask me a question, my guide shows me the appropriate images and feelings in order to give insight.. An example of this might be the images of falling leaves to signify the Autumn.

I have counselling skills and I find these useful when talking to clients going through a very hard time, many callers have or are going through some sort of bereavement when they call and need to someone to talk to,

I also studied a pet bereavement qualification. Many of my callers only have their pets & they mean everything to them. I have done Past Life Therapy and a Hypnotherapy, Psychic Counsellor Diploma, Reiki 1&2, Chakra & Aura Healing, Addiction Therapy Diploma, Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and Angel Magic Diploma, these course do not necessarily help my psychic ability but they do help me understand what my caller is going through.

I have always known I was different from a very small child , I can remember telling my mum about the visitors that came to visit me in my room and she would say I was imagining it (I knew I was not). I had my granddad come to visit me the afternoon he passed away. He came to me in spirit to say he would always be around and. not to be upset I was about 11 years old then and was getting used to seeing spirit and being passed messages I just found it strange that others did not have the same experiences,

I really enjoy talking to callers that have been with me since I started over 10 years ago. Some I may only speak to once a year, some call a few times a year for insight into their lives and issues they are going through. They feel like lovely friends! Another aspect I enjoy is being able to guide a caller through a difficult situation in their lives, to give them validations so we know we are on the right path, I must say I enjoy most aspects of my spiritual work.

I would just like to say I give my readings with love & honesty. If I ever feel I am not picking up right for a caller I will always tell them because it means a lot to me to give my best at all times. Everybody deserves honesty.

If you feel drawn to me then I would love to hear from you. Love & Light to you

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