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Hi there, I am Denise. Miriam I have been a professional psychic reader for 18 years (in practice). I believe I have had my psychic ability since a very early age, yet it was in my 30s where I started moving my love for psychic connections. In my readings I like to use the Tarot Cards, Angelic Cards, Flower Cards, Fairy Cards, Crystals and my pendulum for additional insight, however my main style of reading is simply hands free. My main areas of energy, linked within me is my ability of clear hearing/seeing; I also have a spirit guide who has been working with me for sometime now. The areas where I guide my clients are, love and relationships, business, family matters and matters of the heart, partnerships, love triangles, self love and self care, and quick fire subjects needing attention; My readings can provide insight in your everyday lives. I would describe myself as caring, loving, gentle, compassionate and honest. As a reader I can really feel how my clients feel as emotions can run high at times yet by working together we can solve anything that life can throw at us. At the beginning of my readings I will always ensure my clients are comfortable, settled and centred. I also think that being within a quiet location really does help you to relax. Having a reading for the first time can be daunting and my main priority is my clients wellbeing. Once we are settled we will move into the reading and this is where you can ask me a question about an area of concern, or maybe you may just like me to look for you connecting straight to my spirit guide. My aim is to leave you feeling uplifted, happy, confident & positive in moving forward; supporting you also with self care ideas to strengthen balance to bring in abundance. I really hope to connect with you very soon xx Blessings & Peace. Denise x

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