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Hi my name is Diana. I am a psychic, clairvoyant, medium and animal communicator. I am a third generation psychic and was mentored by my grandmother, who also had the Gift.

I am a direct speaking, very straight talking and honest psychic reader. I have over 20 years' experience in giving professional psychic readings.

I primarily work by looking at the energy of your aura and pick up information via the the vibrations from your voice as you speak. This allows me to clearly see what is going on around you. When you are relaxed, I can look into your energy and see aspects of your past, present and future. I am also able to look at your past lives if this is of interest.

I sometimes use my cards to give me further insight. I am also a life coach, but I always use my psychic ability in your reading as well. I love helping people and just want to ensure that my clients feel confident that they are taking the best and easiest path to a positive and successful future.

I love to meet people and feel blessed to be in a position to inspire them. It is wonderful to be given the chance to provide options when people find themselves in difficult situations, Giving psychic readings is extremely rewarding for me and I love nothing better than sharing the joy of my client when they realise they actually DO have a potentially wide variety of choices. I care deeply for all of my clients and being able to offer guidance gives me a sense of great achievement.

During a first reading with me I will briefly introduce myself and ask you to introduce yourself, I will then ask you what kind of reading you would like. You simply telling me this, will usually give me enough time to pick up on your energy and voice vibration and to start seeing what is going on. I will then ask you to clear your mind and focus on your questions.

My goal is to give you answers, clarity and find you choices and possible solutions that can lead you to a positive outcome.

During my spare time I enjoy making stained glass and mosaics, I love movies and music. I also really enjoy spending time with my nearest and dearest and my dogs.

For an inspiring, honest and positive reading leading to a brighter future, please do give me a call today.

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