About Freddie Valentine


Freddie Valentine is one of a kind. He is a friendly, compassionate natural psychic and tarot card reader who has been giving readings for over 25 years. Freddie's readings are direct, positive and to the point. He is particularly powerful at picking up on emotions in a current difficult situation.

Freddie is hugely adaptable and has multiple gifts of psychic ability and also the gift of mediumship. Throughout his career he has used these skills to the full, working giving platform mediumship readings in spiritualist churches,

Freddie tells us "As a child I was always drawn to this area and felt there was something there. I got my first deck of tarot cards when I was very young and connected with them which started a lifelong obsession!" Freddie loves using the tarot cards most of all as he finds that he connects with them easily. "When I'm naturally tuning in, they provide extra detail on the situation I'm focussing on."

Freddie can read for many different types of situations but often gives love and career readings. He knows that these are subjects that seem to affect everybody at some point! "I like to get focussed directly on the area you are concerned about and keep my readings free of waffle!"

.Among the kinds of readings that Freddie can give you are Aura readings, Automatic writing and other channelling from Spirit, Animal communication, Chakra work, Colour therapy, Crystal ball readings, Pendulum, Past Life and Mediumship readings. Freddie says "I like to get a good rapport with my regular callers and try to make sure I'm available when they need me. I also try and ensure everyone gets the most they can from each reading I give, whether on a first occasion. a one off, or for a regular caller"

Freddie has a great understanding of the psychic world and his favorite quote shows this: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open” by Frank Zappa.

If you connect with Freddie for your reading today, you can expect to connect with a genuine psychic medium, blessed with many natural skills, who will cut to the chase with what you need to do and bare the paths open that you can follow.

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