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Greetings. I'm Freya, an empath, spiritual healer and natural psychic. My skills flowered over 32 years ago, and I have spiritually healed and offered sound guidance ever since. I offer a discreet and down-to-earth service to help you make the most of your current situation, and to seize the opportunities coming your way. I have used a wide variety of tools to 'open up', including runes, candles, free-drawing, remote viewing etc. However, it was when I discovered Tarot cards at around 16 years old that I knew that I had found my calling. I have worked with many, many decks and clients since then, and I am still learning and growing. My main tools include Robin Wood Tarot and the Anna K deck, although I have around half a dozen different decks which I use regularly, including the classic Rider-Waite. I have bonded with each of my decks, and have formed permanent connections with each. My clientele are based all over the world, from every background imaginable. I can tell when my clients will be in touch soon, and can often feel when they are having turbulent or joyous times. I use 'storyboard decks' to paint a picture for my clients, as elements of each card will reveal themselves to me via clairsentience, tailored to my client's situation. I am transparent and down to earth, however, this is balanced with empathy and tact, to provide a helpful, grounded and optimistic reading. There is always light, even when it seems to be the darkest time. My favourite quote would be "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free", John 8:32.

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