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Hello I'm Joe, a Natural Psychic and spiritual healer. I have been using my psychic senses for over 27 years. I have a direct, focused and compassionate approach in all of my readings. I aim to connect with you through your voice vibrations. This gives me a connection and insight on your throat Chakra. Then, I look to connect with the remaining Chakras, building my focus to concentrate on your Aura..

I always look towards giving you a light, positive and uplifting reading. Prominent colours and energies can appear to me through the Auras and Chakras I am connecting with. These will always be unique to the person I am reading for, The variety and intensity of colours I can see will give me insight into why someone is possibly feeling the way they are and I can then give insight on how I feel they may be in the near future. Through my distinctive style I can offer my own special kind of insight, giving you guidance and possible points to focus on for their future.

I connect with several Guides to channel my abilities, who are always on hand to provide me with strong guidance and insight whenever I require it.

I can read on pretty much any situation, but I am particularly strong in the area of emotional advice. and removing blockages. Also at picking up on the energy of my client and those they are connected with, or would like to be connected with. Questions I am frequently asked in the area of Love and relationships. include; Is the person I just met attracted to me besides my looks.? What is he/ she seeing in me that attracts them? Will I have contact soon?. Is there a possibility of a future together? Are they sincere and truthful? How do I feel or know that? Are they still connected to a past relationship?. Do they see someone besides me? We have just broken up. Will we reunite. Is my ex partner returning. Am I wasting my time? Is there someone new in the future in my life? Will we live together? I had enough. Is it time to call it off? Do I resolve a matter on the phone, by text or eye-to-eye contact.

I knew from an early age that I had something different and enchanting. Just by looking at a person or a picture I often saw colour surrounding them, and soon began to associate this to peoples’ moods or scenarios.

A reading with me is like one you may not have experienced before. My inspirational readings and versatile style inspire people to move forwards in a positive and tranquil manner. I currently live in Thailand enjoying life to the full. My hobbies include performing arts, painting, reading, writing, caring for animals, photography and good food. I would also like to study Psychokinesis and Metamorphosis, allowing me to broaden my psychic senses and interests. I believe my versatility makes for a distinctive, individual reading that you will recall with a sense of definition giving you a considerable amount of guidance and focus for you to build on in the future.

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