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I always explain what I see to the caller, what may happen, what I will use, how I work and what I might need from them before I start the reading. This always seems to make the client understand more and make them more at ease. I love guiding people and showing them empathy. I find that some people can take comfort from a reading. I love demonstrating my work and making people laugh. The first time I sat in the church I started to pick up a feeling, sensations, visions etc. I also made some lovely friends there. Because I was on my own in a new town and these were the only friends I had. I kept going back, I then started sitting in workshops and slowly I start developing my psychic skills. I do have the ability to be able to connect with my spirit guide, and I have been able to accomplish this with a lot of hard work, development and time that I have put in working along side them. I would say I am Calming, Down-to-earth, Honest, Inspirational, Positive, Straightforward, Sympathetic, Uplifting. Sometimes I will share my life experiences and spiritual experiences with a client. I am a very easy going, down to earth person. I like to see the best in every situation, good or bad. But even though we are on a spiritual journey, we also have to remember that we are human too. We too also have thoughts, feelings and emotions. This I like to portray in my readings. It is ok to be human. During my spare time I enjoy quality time with my 2 dogs that love my attention, fish which seemingly are an expensive hobby. My partner has a motorbike that we like to go out on in the nicer weather. We love shopping, arts and crafts fairs. watching other psychic and most of all, date nights. We see things not as they are, but as we are. - H. M. Tomlinson

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