Lisa M

Lisa M

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Skills: NLP

About Lisa M

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I am a 5th generation natural psychic reader. I have been reading for over 16 years, and whilst I have am able to read on a wide variety of areas, my preferred areas to look into during my readings are love and relationships, compatibility between you and someone else, and career and work life. When you come through to me for the first time, I will briefly introduce myself and explain how I work, before asking you for your name and date of birth. My readings tend to flow from your past, through your present and into the future, looking deeper into any areas that you want me to. If there are any questions that you have, I would be more than happy to look into these for you. In my family, we were taught how to read using only our natural psychic abilities and no tools. However, during my readings, I will also use the cards, and occasionally the crystal ball. I do this because I, and a lot of people that I read for, find them fascinating, and also I find that they add an extra level of insight that I may be able to pick up on. I have known all my life that I was a psychic; as there are other psychics in my family, it was something that was embraced and celebrated. As I was growing up, my mum worked with me to develop my psychic skills. She has been my greatest inspiration and teacher, and I am forever grateful to her for guiding me along this path. As well as giving readings, I also love reading a wide variety of books, as this allows me to escape into my own world for a short while. I am particularly inspired by a quote from my mother – “You must do what you love, because if you’re not happy, it will reflect in whatever you do’, and it is this quote that continues to inspire me every day to continue my psychic work. So, for a sensitive and straightforward reading, give me a call today!

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