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About Lyndsey

Early in childhood I realised I had psychic ability. I developed my skills by enrolling on a Learn How To Read Tarot Course with Tarot Tom, a Psychic in the industry. I went to him for a Reading found this to be very good with respect to my past and current situation; this spurred to learn and read myself. I am a compassionate, understanding and caring tarot reader. I am very empathetic and can give guidance of life experiences through the cards. I can give guidance through the cards about general day to day life, love and relationships, careers, emotions and all those elements of life. Due to past experiences not only can I guide people I can truly empathise in many of life's situations. Firstly I would put my client as ease, make them feel calm and comfortable, then have a general chat. I would continue to explain my method of reading and ask if they have any areas in mind that they would like me to focus on. In my spare time I love singing, listening to music as well as painting and art. “More smiling, less worrying, more compassion, less judgement, more blessed, less stressed, more love, less hate.”

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