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Hello and welcome! My name is Lynnie. I am an empathetic natural psychic medium. I have been a psychic reader for 35 years, starting in churches doing mediumship through platform work and then progressing on to parties and shows. From then on, I became involved in psychic development. I give direct, compassionate and down-to-earth readings, always looking for the best and positive path forwards for you, my client.

I can use the tarot cards in my readings, but I also like to connect with higher energy and my guides when offering insight and guidance, helping the client to achieve calmness, inspiration and to lift their spirits.

In addition I am able to offer chakra readings and chakra balance, I can also look at compatibility between 2 people using astrology or other tools, And of course, my other forte is connecting to specific people who have passed

When I start a reading, I want my caller to be completely comfortable. I am straightforward yet compassionate, sympathetic and open minded. My clients mainly ask me to focus on house moves, love and complicated relationships, work, home and family. I may turn one or 2 cards over, the rest I sense or hear. All topics can be the focus of our reading of course.

I first discovered my gifts at a Tupperware party!. The lady hosting was a medium and she singled me out. She also told me to listen for the sound of coins dropping. This was actually my guides bracelets.. A couple of weeks later I went to a circle and somebody drew my guide, complete with bracelets for me. I then went on to sit in development groups and subsequently began to work as a psychic medium. I still work with my guide, Maria.

I am a pretty well traveled lady and have lived abroad for many years, including Spain, Germany and the Canaries. When I’m not giving readings, I am a very social creature. I love to see my friends, go swimming and love a good movie.

My most inspirational quote is “How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours.”

So for an honest, direct and uplifting reading, please join me today.

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