About Psychic Ellen

 Hi, I am Psychic Ellen, a naturally intuitive psychic with empathic and spiritual healing abilities. I am also a medium. I also specialise in working with crystals and their healing energies. 
 Working with the crystals, with the Tarot and my guides, I can help bring you clarity in your life choices. Guidance on romance, relationships, career, family, as you need it. I am a compassionate reader and my guides allow me to tune into the energy of others, in order to sense their energies and emotions. I can also work with the Pendulum. Personally I feel that it can give simple yes or no answers that works well alongside my use of my cards and my natural abilities.
 I've known all my life, that I was different! I remember being five or six years old and seeing people at the end of my bed. I could hear them and they would talk. I was scared as a child and it wasn't until much later in life I realised that I was actually a medium with several different abilities. I sense the physical pain of others, so most of my life I thought the pain was all mine. Five years ago I realised it wasn't and as soon as I accepted my path my abilities grew stronger. I just knew I have to use these gifts to help others. 
 At the time of writing this, I am a qualified Vehicle Damage Assessor so I deal with trauma on a daily basis. I can usually tell how someone is feeling without them even telling me. My job is to calm someone in a crisis and that does come through when I give readings. I like people to leave me feeling calm, relaxed and happy.
 I feel I am different to most readers, as the more I talk with a client, the more I can pick up and sense from them. I become very in tune and my guides show me things that the client was perhaps too scared to ask advise on. I also love to give guidance and support when you have difficult life choices to make. .
 In my spare time I love being in the great outdoors. I love nature, the countryside, ice-skating, horse riding, everything in the fresh air.
 If you want a truly insightful and compassionate reading, you need comfort and genuine reassurance, then please choose me today for your reading. I would love to speak with you.

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