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Hello there and welcome to my psychic profile. My name is Saira and I am a calm and intuitive Tarot Card reader,. I feel I have an enlightening and uplifting approach to giving psychic readings. I have had my natural psychic abilities for about 20 years and have always been intuitive. I only decided to use my psychic gifts in a professional manner about 6 years ago. I really believe that divine timing plays a part. I feel that it is always important to use our psychic skills are used efficiently, this being in the right vibration at the right time.

My specialities are giving straight forward and insightful readings on love and relationships, house moves, career and work and troublesome questions as well as general readings. I am especially good at picking up on emotions in the current situation of the client, their partner or a third party on request. My clients ask for honest and insightful guidance on areas of concern for them. They want to be able to look at the situation with a more positive outlook and that is what I provide for them. I don't give false hopes, but I do find the positive path forwards and tell you honestly what this is.

I work with the Guilded tarot cards and when an energy from the client comes through, the cards and my intuition start to gather insight for that person. I then start to interpret this information and relay this back. . I can sometimes get a visual display about the person in question, it can be given to me in clear colour pictures or other times it can be in black and white images. I really do enjoy giving clients the insight that they ask for and then to show them that they can get through most things if they adopt a positive attitude. Most people see the fear before the good, which I feel .can hinder the movement of their intentions. Once this is unblocked they can move forward with more confidence.
When I’m not focusing on my spiritual journey, I like to focus on me. The mind and body are equally important. I like to keep fit and healthy. I love visiting the gym and training. I love to lift weights and also swimming.
Ask, believe and receive using the Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks

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