About Samantha Emily

I am A natural psychic empath with many years of experience, here to offer you insight and guidance about any situation or area in your life. I was always aware of my feelings being a natural compass of what would, could and wouldn't be likely to occur and from a young age I would be offering guidance which I thought at that time was just an opinion but I later realized that it was much deeper guidance coming from an awareness that many didn't have. I like to introduce myself and ask the customer what they would like me to look into. I am naturally friendly and aim to put people at ease immediately. I am most often asked about love situations. My type of readings are in depth as I like to enable customers to fully understand their individual situations in a non judgmental way to dissolve any negative emotions within them, as well as offering them clear insight into what is happening. I have the ability to feel deeply into the real feelings of others and for being able to pin point emotional blocks and the origins of any current patterns that maybe interfering or causing difficulties. I will mainly link into the insight that I receive without any tools. I will zone into an image in my surroundings which then creates the awareness link, however, I do sometimes use oracle cards as the imagery can bring through additional guidance. I can work with my senses, no tools / freehand, crystal ball, crystals, numerology and pendulum and I also do reiki healing and scrying. Natural empathy ability enables me to look into and feel the emotions and true feelings of others, making it easier for you to understand love situations or why a lover may be acting in a particular way. I do my best to explain what I am being shown intuitively so that you are empowered with understanding. In my spare time, I love to read books that teach positive thinking and help bring understanding about psychological blocks and patterns. I also enjoy drawing, walking and connecting with art in museums.

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