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Hello and welcome. My name is Shannon. I am a gentle, compassionate and empathic reader who always sees the positive in any situation. I have all the natural " clairs", the senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairgustance. I am also an empath and able to read auras.

I read tarot, angel and oracle cards and I can use the pendulum in my readings.. I have a keen interest and skills in astrology, numerology, crystal and colour therapy as well.

I love the Tarot. I often use several decks at once as I am a very visual reader and glean so much from the cards. Each reading is different and I describe it as a one time passcode for the client to go away and utilize. The tarot is also a great personal development tool too. I also love the pendulum as it gives definitive yes or no answers.

I work with my angel guides and ancestor guides who interact with me in dreams, through an inner knowing to give guidance and signs. I often sense their presence by smells and tastes I receive which either link in to a situation or generally to show me they are present.

As a rule, most of my readings are about love and relationships. However, from very little information given from the client, for example if they ask for a general reading or career or love reading, I get to the point very quickly and this encourages the client to continue the reading. My Counselling skills help to give confidence to the client as it helps builds up a rapport and I am there for guidance should they want this.

I have always been psychic but just assumed it was normal. It was really only from my mid-20s onwards that I became really comfortable with it. I have been to retreats and had atonements and had very challenging life experiences. The main challenge for me was to have confidence in myself and my psychic abilities. I love my job and I love guiding people in their life journey.

This kind of work uses my all of my best psychic skills.. Being articulate, sensitive, visual and friendly. And the best thing is, tat every single reading is different and utterly personal to the person I am reading for. I always like to get to the point very quickly.

In my spare time I love to sing, drumming, walking, travelling and learning languages, camping, aqua aerobics and photography. Also updating my psychic and spiritual skills and going to retreats.

For a favourite quote I think i would choose this one that says it all: “God promises a safe landing not a safe journey”... Joyce Meyer

I look forward to connecting with you today for a exciting look at your life, and to offer you the clarity and empowerment you wish for at this time. x

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