About Summer Breeze

With No Sugar Coating!

Summer Breeze is a direct reader with a no-nonsense approach. She has over 30 years' experience. She uses the Tarot as well as her own natural psychic skills and insight from her guide to bring you ni-messing insightful and inspiring readings. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient empath and is also able to use remote viewing skills to look into various situations.

Summer Breeze tells us "My clients ask for all sorts of readings and no two readings are ever the same as no two clients are ever the same. I use the Tarot, and see these as a way of opening the window to see whats going on in and around the client or whoever the client wants me to look at, The Tarot cards really are my right hand. I'm good at relaying the messages and insight that the cards give to the client in a way that they can understand., None of that airy fairy stuff from me; just good plain speaking! "

"I have been told that having a reading with me is like talking to your best friend and that's how i engage with new clients, Like we are at my kitchen table with a cuppa and were going to get to the bottom of whats bothering them."

Summer Breeze also receives insight from her guide; "My spirit guide is a robust Northern woman with a great sense of humour, but who takes no prisoners. I know it sounds crazy but she talks clear as day in my head!"

Summer Breeze is also able to give spiritual healing, look at chakras and balance them as well as help you on your spiritual path.

All in all, insight, predictions and guidance are Summer Breeze's forte.; "I offer a very direct grounded reading. That's not to say I'm not kind or empathic but i see no point in sugar coating as i know that serves no purpose other than a quick feel good fix. I enjoy picking people up out of their dark place and showing them that there really is a future for them. To help the client to be able to cut free from the binds that tie them to a toxic situation, its like being let out of jail for some of them"

So if you are looking for for a straight-forward uplifting reading with honest advice, then Summer Breeze is the psychic for you.

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