Medium; The mediator between you and the Spirit world. When you want to receive messages from the Spiritual plane, call on a Medium! Using the gift of Mediumship, the Medium is given signs or messages directly from Spirit, which they pass on to you. Your chosen Medium is also likely to use innate skills of Clairvoyance (Psychic sight), Clairaudience (Psychic hearing) or Clairsentience (Psychic feelings) to see, hear or feel important information. The messages, images, feelings, or signs may come from the Medium or your Spirit guides, from passed loved ones or other passed people on the spiritual plane who are able to communicate. Try one of our top Mediums today and be thrilled with your Mediumship reading!
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    Nicola Jayne

    Angel Cards, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Dream Analysis, Medium, Natural Psychic, Chakra Balance, Psychometry, Tarot Cards

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    Clairsentience, Pendulum, Tarot Cards, Medium, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Past Lives

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    Angel Cards, Aura Readings, Chakra Balance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Dream Analysis, Life Coaching, Medium, Natural Psychic, Past Lives, Psychic Development, Psychometry, Reiki & Spiritual Healing, Remote Viewing, Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Animal Communication

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