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“Nothing never happens” is one of the truths I live by and this is just one of the reasons why I keep a psychic journal. It is a record of my psychic experiences. It is also an account of my personal spiritual insights I have learnt along the way. Writing a psychic journal is therefore a practical and simple way to grow spiritually.
I have been working in the world of Spiritualism for the last 25 years, having become involved with it completely by mistake! This happened when I was buying a house that had a very interesting energy in it. Through that, I discovered my psychic ability, and from that day forward, it took me on a very unusual journey of learning not only about myself, but the fascinating and very intriguing world of spiritualism.
It is not an understatement to say meditation is the foundation for all psychic work. The simplest form of this is grounding, which usually takes just a few minutes. Grounding is a process of reconnecting with the earth to cleanse and renew your energies. You only need to sit and in your mind’s eye, picture yourself growing roots into the earth. Once you have done this, you simply picture positive power flowing up from the earth. Then you picture drawing this power upwards into your chest. Often, you will feel a surge of energy bubbling up within you.
I don’t know where being psychic and being an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) practitioner begins and ends. I am also a big believer in the universal law of attraction and apply this law to my life every day. This interesting combination of spirituality, forward focused coaching and applying the law of the universe, is now very much part of who I am.
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I have seen and felt Angels since I was a child. I was once within the chambers of a town council when I had an angelic vision. The whole chamber was suddenly full of angels behind all the counsellors and facing many different directions. Initially, I was confused by this beautiful vision. then the meaning dawned on me. The angels were not taking sides or following their own agenda. They were there for everyone all the time in every way. This is love for love’s sake.
Do you want your questions answered by SMS message? Or do you need psychic guidance by phone? You may have wondered if, when you text a Psychic by SMS, the psychic can "see" the answers just as well for you, compared to when they are connected with you by phone. Psychic Trevor is one of our fabulous Text A Psychic team, as well as giving regular readings via the Psychic Pages phone lines. We asked him if there is any difference on how he reads via the phone lines and when answering your texts.