About Joelle

I am a natural empath psychic who can see auras and tune into energy using psychic ability, reiki, astrology & tarot. I am often asked for relationship guidance and as somebody with a lot of experience of soulmates and twin flames, this is a frequent focus for me. My astrological knowledge is extensive, but I can read without using charts. For questions I use the tarot, it helps to build a picture of a situation very quickly. If a client wishes to delve deeply into their life path, soul journey, career or relationship potential then an astrological chart will build a picture (so long as time, date and place of birth are available). I can tune in to people and situations but it does take a few minutes to feel the client's energy. As a born romantic my goal has always been to attract true love and to guide others to do so also. I am a very empathic and emotional person and turned to astrology at an early age to help me to understand my moods fluctuations and energy changes. My studies have branched out over the years into tarot, dream analysis, energy healing, aura reading and animal communication. I have used Bach flower remedies and had an interest in herbalism also, since my early teens and this had developed into a good working knowledge of nutrition and resulted in me becoming a reiki master. I do send reiki during all of my readings, so as to offer a deeply healing, nurturing experience. I write regular astrological articles for my blog and broader publication in my spare time, I am probably obsessed with astrology! I love music and like to sing and write songs and go to live performances. My partner is a paranormal consultant, so we spend a lot of time talking about and analysing energy, presences, general psychology and history! "You cannot create a problem with the same mindset with which you created it." ~Albert Einstein "What would love do now?" ~Neil Donald Walsch "Love IS the answer." ~Rik Mayall

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